Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Wild berries

Every July our yard is full of wild black raspberries-free breakfast!  I love when the berries are all different colors in their stages of ripening.  Played with a bunch of different colors trying to capture the juiciness. I used Alizarin crimson, Winsor violet, and Quinacridone lilac, with a spritz of orange here and there to warm it up.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Watercolor class

We endured two snowstorms that delayed the beginning, and the end we were missing 5 who couldn't drive through it.  I wanted to post the last class photos at the bottom of this entry so they can see what we did.  We missed you!

The over all theme was about loose techniques for either beginners or experienced painters.  It was a great mix of ages and levels, men and women.
The first two classes were spent learning variegated washes, and a variety of things you can do with pigment-lifting, hard and soft edges, negative painting, splattering paint, (a favorite!) and a bit with texture using salt and cling wrap.

The last class used masking with painters tape and salt for texture. The design is birthday candles. This ended up being great fun and presented lots of possibilities for  colors and designs.  Everyone has friends, children or grandchildren who would love a card painted just for them.

Masking off the candles and flames
Variegated wash on wet paper. You can sprinkle salt on wet paper for texture if desired. Let dry, then remove salt.
You can use any color for background. Mask off cake too if desired!
Remove tape and paint candles and cake.
Have fun with patterns on candles. This student did a light yellow wash around the flames to illuminate that area.
This couple came every week and had a blast!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A batch of lessons

I'm doing four basic watercolor lessons on loose techniques at our local Imagine Gallery in February.
It's fun to get ready because it makes me sit and just play with colors, and what a mood booster they are!  The class is maxed out so they're taking names for a possible future workshop.  So nice: people are so busy these days it's great they're taking time out for themselves to learn and have fun.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

2017 Activities

This was a year of many-some may say scattered- activities.  I stretched myself with art shows, demos, workshops and local exhibitions.  There were commissions too of pets and gardens; one project I'm especially proud of was the "Houston Pet Project". When the first hurricane hit Houston there were many displaced animals, so I put out a Facebook post saying the first 10 people to send me a picture of their pet would get a 5x7 watercolor portrait for $50, donated to the Houston SPCA.  It was a big hit and resulted in $500 sent to help pets.  It was perhaps a small thing but it felt good to help out. It was scary for me as I haven't painted a lot of pets, and never that many at once! However I found out a challenge sometimes makes you move faster and get organized. :)

Dickman's Va Va Bloom Show

Some of the Houston Pet Project portraits

                                Flash Paddle-I did a piece to promote a paddle fest to celebrate Skaneateles Lake. It was used for a poster and T-shirt design. (The paddles in this picture weren't finished yet.) This scene is available at Pixels.com/ChristyLemp as prints, mugs, shirts, etc.
                                                                      Paint Out-our annual John D. Barrow paint out that I help organize in June.  I set up in our local park by the lake and painted this scene.  It was purchased by a local resident. Love knowing when paintings go to a good home!

Another fun thing;  we started a local chapter of Urban Sketchers! I had a retired architect come to our Art Guild meeting to demo how he does travel sketches. He looked up from his drawing and asked if anyone wanted to join him sketching at a local coffee shop sometime.  A bunch of us said YES! and we started meeting monthly in various locations. We started out known as the Syracuse Sketchers, then he applied for us to be a chapter to the national group Urban Sketchers. And that's not all!  A young woman from our area that now works for NBC wanted to do a story on us, so a crew came out to film everybody.  That was SO exciting!  The link below shows the piece.


So, yes, many activities-didn't even include how many family things went on- and now the first month of 2018 is almost over already.  Time to ferret out the favorite things to do art wise and and maybe get a little more focused. Ya think? Perhaps?!  We'll see!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

December exhibit

I have a single artist exhibit in December-so nice to have them hanging for the holiday season! 
I love having gallery receptions for the opportunity to talk to people about art and get their reactions. And the refreshments are great too!
The Maxwell Library in Camillus is working hard to have a good gallery for local artists to display their work.  It's great to have the extra exposure and nice for the community to experience art as well.
Most pieces will be for sale-perfect time for holiday gifting!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Art Everywhere

I've been very busy with projects since the summer-too many to post all at once!  I do want to tell you where my original framed paintings will be over the next two months-they are spread out to 5 different venues, with several receptions.  Time to find one arty outfit to run around in!
 November-16 paintings at the Seward House in Auburn, 1 at Baltimore Woods members exhibit, 2 at Marcellus Library, and a few more at Imagine Gallery in Skaneateles. 11/3 will be a First Friday reception at Seward House in Auburn from 5-7 PM, 11/4 reception at Baltimore Woods 2-4 PM. All cozy places to escape to during the cold rainy weather!

December I'll move to Maxwell Library in Camillus, with a nice reception Monday December 4 from 6-7:30 PM

Then a fine art and craft show at Plowshares in Syracuse December 2-3 with prints, notecards and some small originals.

It's so nice to see them all hung-they look happy and very at home in the various venues.  They are all for sale with a percentage going to each worthy establishment.  Maybe one will make a nice Christmas present for someone who loves local art!  

Monday, July 10, 2017

Last Lavender Festival

Well, that was a busy weekend! A lot packed into July this year.  Friday afternoon I was setting up my tent for the festival, followed by a reception at Imagine Gallery that evening. I'm doing a group show there for the month of July with two other local artists, a potter and a glass blower.  The display is fabulous-I'll post a pic later.
So.....it's hard to describe how huge and wonderful the Lavender Festival is.  For two days thousands came to this little working farm to pick lavender, shop with about 30 vendors, sample lavender ice cream and lemonade, and take in the perfumed atmosphere.  And there really were thousands. They came from Buffalo, Rochester, Geneva, Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, and our own locals from Skaneateles.  Traffic was backed up for miles, cars were parking in weeds when the plowed fields could hold no more.  Lines to pick lavender were long, but people patiently waited their turn to select a beautiful purply fragrant bunch.
Still more waited in another line just to get into the barn that sold lavender products produced at the farm.
And they shopped. We have all been preparing our wares for months to have enough product for this hugely successful event.  My booth was filled for two days with people buying my original art, prints and notecards. Saturday night saw me hurriedly packing more inventory and matting more originals for the next day as I was already running low.
Those also sold the next day.
As wonderful as it was, it was also bittersweet to watch everyone, from tiny children to seniors with walkers contentedly wandering the fields and selecting their lavender bouquets.  For this was to be the last year.  It has truly grown too large for the owners to handle and I don't blame them at all.  It's time for them to rest and settle into a more normal life and stay healthy.  For 10 years they have spent every waking moment getting ready for this event, as well as tending the farm and sheep and a full time job outside the farm.
I need to thank them, somehow, for giving me this gift of being a vendor at their event.  It was here that I first started showing my art, starting with just a few framed paintings and some notecards in Ziploc bags, and steadily adding prints, and matted originals in proper packaging.  I learned a lot about painting and merchandising, and enjoyed this chance to see people's reactions to the work. I've gained a following doing this show and I'll be forever grateful. Doing outdoor shows also tests your mettle, as weather can range from high heat and humidity to rain, wind, bugs, etc.  One time I had a case of shingles that stripped me of all energy but still hung in there, thanks to my friends pitching in to help.

You need strength, energy and patience to set up a tent shop for the weekend; found out I can handle it!
Thank you Gary and Karen for the opportunity to grow as an artist. Please rest and enjoy your freedom!
At the top you can see the stream of people arriving at the farm.

I was tickled to discover that in this photo, someone is carrying one of my prints!
It's the orange foxes in the beginning of the front row.

Me and my devoted friend/sherpa/agent/merchandiser.  
She loves helping and knows how to sell!