Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 Activities

Reflecting and remembering  2018 activities: pardon my rambling but I just want to get these thoughts and memories down before they're forgotten.
I had decided to not do so many art shows to see what might evolve. Expenses are high and it's time consuming to produce print work for them.

The first third of the year saw me hunkering down and painting, monthly Urban Sketchers group gatherings, teaching watercolor classes at Imagine Gallery who displays my work, a Brusho workshop, several local exhibitions at a church, libraries and museum,
learned origami from an excellent local artisan , an art show and demos at VaVa Bloom garden show, sketched at several Naturalization ceremonies (immigrants become US citizens) with a goal of doing some paintings for the courthouse.

The second third May-August: organized our annual June Paint Out art show and sale at our John D. Barrow art gallery and took a break from art shows and just painted, took a great anniversary trip to Italy with my husband, did some local demos and my first private lessons at home. I did another Brusho workshop at a friend's lakeside home that was a blast. They organized snacks and dinner and set up all the tables and materials. so much fun! It was a really hot and humid summer so I really didn't do much plein air, choosing to stay cool on my shady porch. My thought was to build up a collection for later art shows in the Fall.

The last third September-December: Taught a one day watercolor workshop at Imagine Gallery, and took a fabulous flower painting workshop from Helen Dealtry in Hudson NY.  It was great learning her approach using bright inks and different papers, and how she earns a living. She is delightful besides!
Put some prints and notecards in two new consignment gift shops. Applied and got accepted as a a Signature member of Central New York Watercolor Society.
A friend and I organized a one day Fall art fair at a local nature center that was very successful-we learned a lot about organizing and advertising-it was a ton of work but happily it was well attended and the artists did well so we may do it again next year. 
Time is always of the essence in Fall to make some Holiday sales-I did a one day art show-Lakeside Artistry-it was so relaxing to be close to home!  And the following week WAS at home; I decided to try my first studio open house. Locals always like to buy notecards for Christmas so I thought why not- even if just a couple people show up it will be fun and get some painting work done meanwhile.  Made some hot cider and gingerbread cookies-timed to be warm out of the oven when people came.  At the last minute I decided to donate a percentage of sales to a cause in honor of a friend that had recently passed. Well, it turned out to be like a wonderful holiday party- lots of people came, made some nice sales, and was able to make a nice donation.

Became more active on Instagram and working to increase followers.
Made several art donations to local causes.

So it looks like it was a year of painting and trying new things in lieu of doing a lot of art shows. Seeing what works and where my art interests will evolve. I learned that I love doing a few local art shows for the connection to people and loyal followers. It's pure joy seeing everyone and getting their reaction to the art, knowing they are buying something I painted to make themselves and others happy.  In 2019 I'd  like to continue to learn and make great art, teach a bit, and look for more avenues to make sales.  More ideas for the New Year in the next blog!

Spring robins nest in our front door wreath.

Set up for my first studio open house

SKARTS exhibit

I made front cover of our local magazine!

Great workshop with Helen Dealtry

30x30 direct watercolor painting challenge

new gift shop consignment in Sherburne NY

organized art fair at Baltimore Woods
My son got engaged!
annual kayaking trip to ADK

NYC weekend to see Harry Potter

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Studio Open House

Trying something new! I love visitors, I'm working at home anyway so thought this would be some holiday fun and a nice way to wish folks a Merry Christmas.

Hello friends,

Join me if you can for my very first studio open house. Drop in for a cup of hot cider and maybe a baked treat and shop for a unique gift of art for special people on your Christmas list. (Maybe for yourself!) 
I’ll put a sign out for you. Click here for directions

Notecards, prints and originals available

Put your name in the pot for a free giveaway while you’re here! Tis the season for some fun!
Can’t make it?  Email or message me for an appointment to look for something you have in mind.

Another option is to check out the Facebook shop page:

Thank you always for your support!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Signature Member

I'm very excited to announce I have been selected to be a signature member of the Central New York Watercolor Society. I received my certificate at the 36th Annual Meeting of CNYWS. It is a juried process where six members judge the consistency and quality of your work before acceptance. It's gratifying when your hard work is recognized-I will strive to continue to paint pieces that are worthy of this honor!  Also looking forward to new opportunities and directions for my paintings, and working with more watercolor artists in the area.

As an added bonus, I won this painting by Mark Mehaffey! He is an internationally acclaimed instructor who did the workshop for the group this year.  A good Karma day!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

We are working hard on a one day holiday shop with local artists for our faithful local customers!
This is the show we used to have at Betsy's house, now expanded with more room, more vendors, and convenient parking. It'll still have that homey cozy feel with refreshments, and a raffle to benefit Baltimore Woods.
They constantly work to intertwine nature and community!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Skaneateles Life

Whoo hoo I'm a cover girl! 
Our local magazine Skaneateles Life works hard to connect neighbors and businesses.  I play tennis with one of the writers, who was always interested in hearing about my painting and various lessons and workshops I was doing. That resulted in this article. Had no idea it was going to be on the cover!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Watercolor Workshop at Imagine Gallery

I must say I'm quite enjoying introducing people to watercolor.  There are so many people that want to try and have been afraid.  Why is it we are afraid of something that can't possibly hurt us?  Performance anxiety? Fear of failure? Egos?  Whatever it is I hope these workshops dispel those feelings somewhat.  We had all day fun practicing washes, getting pigment to flow, lifting, splattering, a bit of masking and other techniques to be loose and have fun.  We actually ran out of time before finishing the last birch tree masking exercise-everyone was so enthused!
One huge thing I learned was how student grade paint just doesn't cut it for washes-they were grainy and dull.  Probably fine for color mixing experiments if you have them already. I get it-why spend a lot if you don't know if you'll continue?  The reality is you probably won't continue if you get frustrated with your results.  I always suggest artist grade colors to get, but next time will be more insistent.  I'm working harder on finding good deals for beginner sets.  Even three tubes of good quality is better than 10 student grade.  Will post here with recommendations when I find them!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Little Elephant

I love this little guy. Glad I took a photo because he has been recently purchased and living in a happy home.
Several sketches of elephants were done at our local zoo, (so fun to do animals there!) then I came home and experimented with doing light wash backgrounds first, leaving lots of white areas.  Practiced doing eyes and started with that first.  Over a couple days I gently added layers and lines, just enough to add features and stopped there before overworking. That is the hard part-knowing when to stop!