Sunday, January 29, 2012

more washes

A couple more washes to brighten a January day.  Such great therapy!

 #87 a mix of quin gold, winsor orange, alizarin crimson, cobalt turquoise.  Very wet in wet, letting the first layers dry before adding darker tone.

#88 quin gold, winsor orange and violet, and a little blue watercolor ink I found in my supplies that must be 10 years old but still fine to use.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New washes and colors in the New Year

wash #85

I like how these rotated views look so different from each other.
A friend came over and we played with paint-a great way to beat the January blues.  Quin magenta, rose madder, perylene maroon, winsor violet.  Some salt added when wet.

wash #86

Can you tell I'm trying to counteract the blah weather outside?  winsor green (blue shade) cobalt turquoise winsor violet, cad yellow pale, orange lake.  the first wash looked really loud to me, so I used quin gold to quiet and unify a bit. Not sure which I like better!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christy Lemp wash #84

Time to get back in the saddle after a long holiday season.  I always take the month to help out in the family retail business, which is fun but doesn't leave much..any!.... time for painting. After playing around yesterday with colors just to remember what the heck to do with them,  I grabbed some greens from the fridge.  I was desperate for a subject!  Although these look very carroty, it's Swiss chard, destined for the blender to make green smoothies.