Friday, March 8, 2013

Love those Daffodils

     Hello, it's nice to get back to the blog.  Thank you all who have been following and checking in even though I haven't posted in a while.
    My dear mom passed away in January just as I was getting the brushes moving again, and life took a while to get sorted out.  Painting is such a strong calling though, and will probably be a great venue for all the feelings that have been whirling around.  I'd like to explore some images with her spirit in mind.  She loved birds, animals, and wildlife so that will be fun to experiment with.  Of course, she liked a glass of bourbon once in a while too, but I'm not getting inspired about that!
    The urge to paint with yellow has resulted in some lively work and I had to order more tubes!  Here I've used cad yellow pale and new gamboge with some Winsor orange.  I just ordered Winsor yellow deep so can't wait to try a new one.  These daffodils were picked up at the local flower shop because it will be many weeks before the real things pop up.
Used a lot of negative painting to form the petals, ala Jean Haines' method after I took her workshop last fall.
   Thanks for taking a peek-think spring!