Saturday, July 26, 2014

A little plein air study from our vacation in California.  Carmel beach is a haven for dog lovers! And for the dogs of course-they run and play for hours. It is so charming (and clean!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Conservation Area

It's been the busiest month ever and a great start to summer after our never ending winter.  There's so much to catch up on this blog; I will have to start with this picture and go backwards. We have a beautiful conservation area that features this pond-it is always stocked with fish so families come visit to fish and enjoy nature. I'd like to do a series from this area portraying the life that it has; people and their dogs are always playing and walking the trails and having picnics.

Oh, and this is a new paper that I LOVE! It is Khadi handmade Indian paper. It has a wonderful soft feel, and watercolor is a dream to paint on it. The color stays fresh and it holds water well, and the paint lifts nicely. Not too expensive either, maybe $1 per "12x16" sheet.