Monday, April 15, 2019

Dickman Farms VaVa Bloom '19

           I demonstrated loose watercolor techniques and mark making for floral painting.

                                             SARB (Syracuse Artists Raising the Bar) group
                                                    came out for support and shopping

                                                    Friends having fun at my booth

You know that saying "it takes a village...."?  That's what it felt like with so many helping me in all aspects of this garden show.  It would be really hard without them.  My sisters helped me set up and take down (LOTS of work!) Friends watched my booth, walked my dog, took pictures, shared Facebook announcements, and came to shop, watch my demo, and for moral support. They also lent tablecloths and display racks.  My thoughtful hubby had food and wine ready both nights when I got home and unpacked the car (HIS car that I borrowed to fit all my stuff!)
As a result, the show was SO much fun and I was able to relax and just enjoy the whole event after weeks of painting, printing and packaging.  It's so rewarding to have this connection with people and community; it inspires me to keep painting with the knowledge it does spark smiles and joy.  Sales were great and I have a new list of people that want lessons too.  Looks like more fun ahead for the summer!

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Qui Appele said...

It give so much pleasure to watch somebody talented doing his "job" in such a beautiful environment.