Sunday, March 18, 2012


Working on a scene for my son in Germany. We're going to visit next month where he's teaching; this is a walkway next to his school building.

 this was looking too "stiff" so I decided to try again.  It was started with a pencil drawing.

 here I outlined with a brush and lightly tinted water, and used a lighter, patient touch with fresh color.

I'm liking the colors much better-just needs some more depth and details. But there are things about the first one I like more, like the figure and shadows. You just cannot paint the same way each time! I could paint this 3 more times and none would look alike. I would probably do this once more, driving myself crazy, but we're going to visit soon and I have more scenes to paint!


Patti said...

For whatever it's worth my dear "sister"...I like the depth and richness of color in the first one. I love the second one, but you're two are alike. Then again....anyone you decide on will be beautiful because of your "artful magic"!

Christy said...

Thanks sis! I torture myself daily on these paintings so positive comments are much appreciated!