Monday, April 30, 2012

Vacation Journal

It's been a busy month!  The highlight was  our epic 2 week family vacation to visit two of our boys living in Europe this year.  I had been saving this little watercolor paper journal I made just for this trip. One side is little mini studies of scenes from Germany, Belgium and Amsterdam.  The other side I'd like to make one panoramic scene; haven't decided what that's going to be yet.  There are so many scenes to choose from it's hard to pick.  My big idea of painting outdoors every day didn't work out-it was 40 degrees and windy, plus we were really on the go every minute.  The photos work fine though and it's almost done.  It'll be a great memento of our time together.



glad you had a lovely trip in europe visiting your sons christy ...wonderful japanese style sketchbook ...congratulations on winning the poster contest !

Christy said...

Thank you Jane! It was an epic vacation and have many more things to paint!