Friday, March 2, 2012

Phantom Happenings

Our high school had a fundraiser to offset costs of the drama production "Phantom of the Opera".  Ten local artists created a Phantom inspired art piece to be raffled off at the last run; tickets could be purchased at each performance.  It contributed to the buzz of the whole evening and energies were running high!  I was happy to be involved and be able to contribute to such an exciting event!

 You place your tickets in the bag that corresponds with the painting you'd like to win.  The organizer printed our bios for each painting and they were included in the program.

My watercolor version of the boat scene.  Mist and darkness and candles were my inspiration. So fun!


Patti said...
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Patti said...

Only my "sister" could be inspired on the "dark side"...another challenge beautifully done!

Christy said...

Thanks sis!