Monday, February 27, 2012

Eagle in watercolor

After a whole lot of pencil and wash work, it was time to plunge into color for this bird.  This was not the easiest subject because eagles tend to look so mad all the time; they're not your cute little bluebird or cardinal pictures.  But who can resist their beautiful, majestic, full white heads of glorious feathers?

©Christy Lemp Momma Eagle watercolor 7" x 10"


Maria's Watercolor said...

It turned out lovely! Your pencil sketches are very wonderful as well.

Christy said...

Thanks Maria! this became somewhat of a quest to paint an eagle that looked not too scary. I enjoyed a peek at your blog-love your horse-another not so easy subject!

Patti said...

My DEAR SISTER, You have given it's majesty a touch of golden elegance. Thank you for accepting the challenge...your magic continues to evolve.