Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm addicted to checking in on the Decorah eagles!  This is a live stream webcam of a pair of eagles in their nest that are now diligently taking care of three eggs.  It's a facinating live study of these magnificent, caring, watchful birds.  I need to donate a piece to an upcoming Audubon fundraiser and thought they might make a good subject.

 Spent the better part of two afternoons sketching the eagles.  They kept moving of course, so I had multiple sketches going at once to try and catch their poses.

Finished (I hope!) wash pencil drawings on watercolor paper.  Maybe eggs and hatchlings to follow.  If you want to watch them just google Decorah eagles.  Enjoy!



hi christy these pages of sketches are super .. reflects in your beautiful watercolour above

Christy said...

thanks Jane! they've been so much fun to draw!