Saturday, January 14, 2012

New washes and colors in the New Year

wash #85

I like how these rotated views look so different from each other.
A friend came over and we played with paint-a great way to beat the January blues.  Quin magenta, rose madder, perylene maroon, winsor violet.  Some salt added when wet.

wash #86

Can you tell I'm trying to counteract the blah weather outside?  winsor green (blue shade) cobalt turquoise winsor violet, cad yellow pale, orange lake.  the first wash looked really loud to me, so I used quin gold to quiet and unify a bit. Not sure which I like better!


Vandy said...

These are glorious, Christy. #85, in particular, has a lovely warmth about it. Happy New Year, to you. Hope 2012 is an excellent painting year for you.


rotated views !!! all directions ..that's what's so special above the freedom of theses washes christy...can see a coral below and flowers above beautiful the explosion of colour above.