Friday, March 16, 2018

Watercolor class

We endured two snowstorms that delayed the beginning, and the end we were missing 5 who couldn't drive through it.  I wanted to post the last class photos at the bottom of this entry so they can see what we did.  We missed you!

The over all theme was about loose techniques for either beginners or experienced painters.  It was a great mix of ages and levels, men and women.
The first two classes were spent learning variegated washes, and a variety of things you can do with pigment-lifting, hard and soft edges, negative painting, splattering paint, (a favorite!) and a bit with texture using salt and cling wrap.

The last class used masking with painters tape and salt for texture. The design is birthday candles. This ended up being great fun and presented lots of possibilities for  colors and designs.  Everyone has friends, children or grandchildren who would love a card painted just for them.

Masking off the candles and flames
Variegated wash on wet paper. You can sprinkle salt on wet paper for texture if desired. Let dry, then remove salt.
You can use any color for background. Mask off cake too if desired!
Remove tape and paint candles and cake.
Have fun with patterns on candles. This student did a light yellow wash around the flames to illuminate that area.
This couple came every week and had a blast!

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