Sunday, March 22, 2015

Need Flowers

We were very lucky to have a getaway to Florida to warm up a bit this month.  Talk about instant gratification! It was 0 degrees here and 80 degrees there! They have the most beautiful orchids everywhere just thriving in that climate. 

 The centers were a starting point with Alizarin Crimson, cad yellow pale and winsor violet, then painted some of the negative spaces around the petals. I think I could have left it this way, unfinished and somewhat charming.
But I went on to finish-they were a pale yellow color and I was quite enjoying the painting time on a nice warm porch with ocean breezes. Sigh....back to cold weather but the flower images help cheer things up!


Judy said...

Great to see how you proceeded with these flowers! Beautiful result!

Christy Lemp said...

Thanks Judy!