Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clothesline Festival

Well, the weekend and big art show I'd spent months preparing for was quite a rollercoaster!   Rain and 60 mph winds forced 400+ artist to zip up their  tents and run for shelter. My paintings made it through unscathed thank goodness and we were able to open up again in the afternoon. One poor potter lost everything he had on display and had to go home.  I felt lucky to have friends and family come and support me despite the miserable weather; it was certainly a test of strength and fortitude.  In the middle of it all I just wanted to cry and go home, but after a little food and coffee and a respite from the wind, we set the whole display up again and cheered on the brave shoppers. I realized what a special breed art fair artists are-some people do 20+ shows a year!  Two shows this summer was enough for me; gotta find more indoor venues!

Ready for anything

The sun came out on Sunday and I was able to smile again. :)

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