Friday, May 18, 2012

Artisan Barn Sale

The barn fair was so much fun!  It was a beautiful day to drive out to the country and see what area artists and crafters had to offer.  I think I spent any profit on other artists' wares! Happily, one of my original paintings went to a good home.  It's always a good feeling. :)
Part of the profits from sales went to a local Parks and Recreation playground project.

 My displays were propped up on barn walls, tables, and any extra barn pieces we could find.

this fabulous former dairy barn is used for fundraisers, weddings and parties all summer and fall.  The generous owners have refurbished and decorated it for many community uses.  I felt lucky to be a part of this venue.



welldone christy on your sale looks super your work ..incredible barn !

Christy said...

Thanks Jane! It was a lot of fun, and so nice to meet new people.