Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Shop and wash #81 #82 #83

This has been a very busy couple of weeks getting ready for our Holiday Shop.  Five of us local artists and friends combined our various crafts and had a fun, very successful shop.  The day was beautifully frosty and sunny, and people from all over town stopped by and left with lots of great local gifts for themselves and others.  Many thanks to our friend Betsy who let us use her wonderful farmhouse for the day. It has so many perfect rooms that all flow together-it was a perfect showcase.

 Above: Carly Bakes' cookies, Betsy's recycled tin jewelry, and my paintings and notecards.
Above: Betsy's fabric pins-they look great with everything. Below, lavender products by Karen of Lockwood Farm. Pictures to come from Jan's Pottery and Martha's candles.
#82  I felt a bit rusty doing these washes-it had been 2 weeks since picking up a brush and warming up definitely took longer. Also, the 4" x 6" size doesn't lend itself to looseness for me. bigger is better to get the flow going!
#83 I liked doing this one better. I used Kosher salt when the colors were pretty wet and the crystals really spread. When dry more brush strokes were added. An overall abstract-y look that's fun to do.


Anonymous said...

Christy, what a fantastic display of wonderful arts and crafts! well done all of you..... Yes, I get rusty too if I don't't paint everyday! Is that you in the top photo? Would you like me to update your gallery page on the washes blog with your washes as you paint them?

Christy said...

Hi Maggie, thank you! It was so much fun and great incentive to keep working and matting. Ha ha, thanks for the compliment but that's not me in the photo. That is Carly (in her 20's!) in the photo. As far as the gallery page goes, if you have time fine, but it's late in the game so don't worry about putting them on. I'm plugging away and will finish soon! Loving your blog-it's great to follow. :)

Vandy said...

Your holiday shopping day looks fantastic. Lots of gorgeous goodies and a farmhouse is a lovely place to hold it.

There are fabulous textures in wash #83 - very beautiful. It's definitely my favourite of the three.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Christy said...

You too Vandy! Thank you- I reallly do like that salt trick.

jane minter said...

they are super washes christy ..they look loose ... glad your shop and all your hardwork with your friends was a success ! ....spoilt for choice

Theresa Evans said...

These are lovely ... I love the colours and the salt adds very attractive texture areas. I think out of all the media .. watercolour is the most difficult to pick up after a break!!