Friday, November 11, 2011

Christy Lemp wash #76 #77

I guess the rooster from last week inspired me to try some more feathers. This is a peacock feather; they have so much punchy color but are so delicate at the same time.

 Painted from the outside in towards the center. The colors kind of ran in together and the yellows got a bit muddy.
 Painted this from the center outwards this time and went for some brighter colors, including winsor green (blue shade), winsor blue and violet, brown madder.
Here is Mr. Rooster altogether and finished from last week.


Anonymous said...

Christy, these are fabulous! Love the top feather. I've added them all to your gallery page on the 100 washes blog.

Vandy said...

Lovely delicate paintings of the peacock feathers. What a great subject to paint - brilliant colours and interesting shapes. Like Maggie, the top one is my favourite.

Christy said...

Oh thank you ladies! These were so fun to do, and so nice to hear from you!

jane minter said...

christy mr rooster is superb !!!..i too love the top peacock feather.